Artist Melynda Van Zee in studio surrounded by large paintings.

Photo by Dan McCallahan of McCallahan Studios©2020

Melynda Van Zee Studio

We create art that focuses on the growth of our inner lives. We guide you to a creative and abundant life. We help you to grow by clarifying your vision leading to innovative futures.

Portrait of artist Melynda Van Zee in front of a colorful spiral painting.

Photo by Dan McCallahan of McCallahan Studios©2020

Hi, I'm Melynda Van Zee. I love to paint and I love to encourage creativity.

I started my art studio fifteen years ago, but I've been painting my entire life. My formal training in Art and Education helped me hold on to that love of painting and creativity, as I worked as an elementary school teacher, an art teacher, and a non-profit leader. The common thread that holds it all together is that I love to create and I love to help others bring more creativity into their life. I'm passionate about helping people to grow and develop creativity skills which lead to innovative futures, no matter their area of expertise.

Resting in the Shadows is a large painting of black, cream, and white overlapping spiral shapes.

"Resting in the Shadows" 48" x 60" Melynda Van Zee©2019

Contemporary Acrylic Paintings

Melynda Van Zee creates art that expresses our journey to discovering our inner life. She uses line, movement, texture and color to convey the complexities and intricacies of our inner worlds. Spiraling or spherical shapes, symbolic of growth and transformation, are created with thick dimensional lines and multiple layers of translucent acrylic paints.

A peek into my studio processes...

From sketches to flowing lines to layers and layers of translucent colors to final step applying of protective varnish, catch a glimpse of Melynda at work in the studio.

Do you have dreams of being more creative?

Have you been experiencing some "stuck-ness" with your creative projects or uncertainty with "what to do next"? If you are looking someone to walk beside you as you figure out how to bring your creative and innovative ideas into the world, Melynda is now offering 1-on-1 sessions to help you take your next steps.

A candle and paintings from the studio of Melynda Van Zee