One-on-One Coaching

Have you been experiencing some “stuck-ness” with your creative projects or uncertainty with “what to do next”?

This is really normal…especially after the newness of your creative project looses a bit of its luster and things start to get a bit hard.

Often times when we are in the midst of creative projects, we start to loose energy around the project or we think we might be getting done, but we really aren’t sure if the project is really finished yet???

Sometimes we have so many unfinished projects laying around we really aren’t sure if it is worth it to pick one up and keep going.

And, we can’t really imagine if it really matters whether or not we do these projects in the first place? Or, we are worried about the reactions of those around us if we actually do finish the project? Will it be “good” enough?

If you are looking someone to walk beside you as you figure out how to bring your creative and innovative ideas into the world, Melynda is now offering One-on-One Creativity Coaching sessions to help you take your next steps.

I’d love to set up a time for us to talk about what projects you are dealing with or thinking about starting. We can find a time for us to chat for about 20 minutes to see what it might look like for us to work together. You can send me your info on the Contact Us page and I’ll be in touch.

Paint brushes, paint palette and bottles of paint from Melynda Van Zee Studio
Whatever the creative project, creativity coaching can help your clarify your thoughts and help inspire your creative future.

“I can personally say that these sessions have made me rethink my own creativity. I feel like it is rarely ever discussed in any avenue how an artist’s day to day life can effect their creative process. So much of my past year and a half has been about the ‘why’.”

Sarah Schroeder @sarahrosestudioart or

“I like conversations with you. You push me along-like a cheerleader. Like if I have that self-doubt, you pull me out of it. It’s like helping someone navigate their creative journey-like where you’re at with where you want to go.” 

Pam Hibbs @pamhibbs.paint or

“I’m glad to have been a part; it was very helpful for me and I’ve been ever appreciative of the mentorship and friendship. You are helping artists grow their big ideas from inside the studio to fruition.”

Robb Romero @djrovb