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The Church and Artists

A bit of Christmas cheer in the studio office

I continue to do research on the mixing of churches and artists. Found some fascinating interviews by individuals who share the passion for reaching out to artists but who execute their missions in many different ways depending on the context of their individual communities. The rethinkmission blog shared two blog posts asking arts leaders “As a local church how to do you engage and inspire artists?” The Church and Artist Roundtable-1. They also asked the question “What would you say to a local church that had a desire to engage artists in their city or cultivate the arts in their church? Where should they start?” The Church and Artist Roundtable-2. Amazing to see the diversity and imagination of churches around the country reaching out to the artist communities of their cities.

Studio Construction
“All I want for Christmas is one little overhead light”… Well, this dream, idea, wish has gone from a quick little studio improvement into a several week project. Who knew!?! Looks like we will still be in “construction mode” for a little while longer (probably why I’ve taken some time to get some computer work done and actually do some more blog posts so I guess it is not all bad).