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Christmas Prep and Reflection


The tree is up. It is joining me in the studio this year and loaded with ornaments from the past- Christmas ornaments I made as a child, ornaments I received during my classroom teaching years, “Your first home”, “Baby’s 1st Christmas” and our snow baby section. My son and I had had a walk down memory lane while decorating it together-a chance to stop and reflect and remember.

 The Christmas exchange cookies have been baked.

And wrapped.
And delivered to friends.
(Many of the cookies we received have already disappeared.)
 I wrapped some handmade gifts in brown paper packages this morning and made a grocery list.
The holidays are here and I’m soaking it in. Remembering the past, looking forward to the future and committed to taking my time this year to treasure the gifts that are here-so many treasures to be unwrapped that have nothing to do with rushing to the store, but everything to do with those I love. 
Peace and joy to you as you celebrate and remember this holiday season.