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Historical Reproduction “Practice Mock Up”

I’m going this week to recreate this historic stencil pattern in the dining room of a restored 100+ year old farmhouse. I’ve been looking forward to and preparing this project all summer.Using some very modern methods (scanning, computer CAD program, and a professionally cut vinyl stencil to lay out each wall to its specific dimensions) and some very traditional art tools (pencil and tracing paper, stencil brushes and paints) to recreate this vintage pattern. The homeowner found glimpses of this pattern buried under layers of old wallpaper when they began remodeling the dining room. They took some photos and traced the pattern, then turned the project over to me. This is very different work than most of the creative activities I have been engaged in lately, but maybe that is part of the challenge. I think that it is always a good thing to take on a new project that will grow you as an artist and stretch you into new (or remind you of old) places you have been. I know working with this project has made me ask some new questions and seek out specialized help. I’ve learned new tricks and enjoyed seeing and helping a family as they restore a precious family heirloom (in this case an entire house!)