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January “Just Imagine” Class


I know some of you are still thinking about it-wondering if now is the time. Let me encourage you to try it. Don’t let fear, apprehension, or the past stand in the way. Give yourself permission to explore something new. A new year is among us. It’s time to look forward-to imagine what could be. For more information about the January/February class, look HERE. I have just a couple spots left for the Thursday night class. Contact me ([email protected]) by today (Dec. 28) or tomorrow (Dec. 29) if you want a spot.

Living with your Art

I’ve noticed a change.  

I’ve noticed a change in how I learn from my paintings. 

I’ve noticed a change in how my house feels. 

I’ve noticed a change in how it feels for me to live in my home with my own art and the art of others on my walls.

There is something about living with my own art. 

Something that makes it resonate deeper. 

Something that makes me take a second look

-when the light hits it differently

-when my heart looks at it from a different place months (or years) after I created the painting. 

There is something about having art speaking to me through all the dailyness of my life- dishes, laundry, supper preparations. 

“There is a River”  Melynda Van Zee © 2011
There is something about walking in the front door and seeing art above the coat hooks and hanging in the entryway.
“Open Wide” Melynda Van Zee © 2011
It was a good thing to host a Studio Tour here at the beginning of the month. 

It was a breath of fresh air to open my studio and home to curious and creative art friends.  

“Healing Waters” Melynda Van Zee © 2011
Some of my favorite times of the studio tour happen when I get a chance to have conversations about the art.  

“From Above the Wind and Waves” Melynda Van Zee © 2010

I learn so much from watching others interact with the pieces.  

I’ve learned to deeply listen to the responses because they teach me.  

“Released” Melynda Van Zee @ 2009

But, one unexpected blessing of doing a tour is that it gives me a deadline. 

“Observing the Recovery” Melynda Van Zee © 2010

It gives me a deadline to actually hang up my work, instead of stacking it or hiding it.

“From the Center” Melynda Van Zee @ 2011

It gives me a deadline to display it in my own environment.  

“Separated From the Stars” Melynda Van Zee © 2009

There is something that makes me “own it” in that step.  

“O Sacred Head Now Wounded” Melynda Van Zee © 2010
Living with it, looking at it, having surround my consciousness, having it be an intricate part of my environment that is shaping me. 

In the studio with “You Know My Way” and “Long-Awaited Bride”
Living with my art a lesson that is nurturing my artist heart.

All photos were taken by my youngest who has been bitten by the photo bug, but my motto is “start ‘em young” (just hoping they don’t break the camera!)