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A Quiet Spot

Finding a quiet spot to think, refresh, absorb the beauty is so important to nurturing your creative life. I try to capture the opportunity to work outside during the early warm fall days. The colors are so brilliant, so vibrant-oranges, reds, yellows set against crisp blue skies. It is a feast for the eyes. Go out and really look at the fall beauty where ever you live. Don’t miss it.

Authenticity & Creativity

In the last session of Just Imagine we discuss authenticity and how our culture craves the real. It is not easy to do honest and genuine work but people can tell when you do.
Allowing yourself to create from your heart is hard work.
It requires allowing yourself to exercise your creative muscles.
It might get a bit messy.
You might be surprised with what you find.
 But, if you embrace the process
 and you do it again and again,
it might just surprise you what you can create.

January “Just Imagine” Class


I know some of you are still thinking about it-wondering if now is the time. Let me encourage you to try it. Don’t let fear, apprehension, or the past stand in the way. Give yourself permission to explore something new. A new year is among us. It’s time to look forward-to imagine what could be. For more information about the January/February class, look HERE. I have just a couple spots left for the Thursday night class. Contact me ([email protected]) by today (Dec. 28) or tomorrow (Dec. 29) if you want a spot.