“FREE: Pathways Toward Freedom” Opens Today

FREE: Pathways Toward Freedom

My solo show “FREE: Pathways Toward Freedom” opened today in the Main Gallery at the Ankeny Art Center 1520 SW Ordnance Road Ankeny, IA, 50023. The show is open October 3 through November 29, 2017. The gallery is free and open to the public Tues-Fri 9am-1pm, Thursday 4pm-7pm, Saturday 9am-Noon.

Over 100 pieces of original art from my studio in a variety of sizes and colors are featured in the show. If you are interested in a specific piece, please let me know or feel free to speak with the gallery staff. 

We’d love to have you join us for the Opening Reception on Thursday, Oct. 12 from 5-7 pm. There will be refreshments for all!

In “FREE: Pathways Toward Freedom” Central Iowa artist Melynda Van Zee uses spiral imagery to express the deep inner work necessary to finding equilibrium and energy to pursue a creative life. The spiral is one of the most commonly found design forms in nature and is symbolic of growth and transformation. From the galaxies to DNA to our fingertips, spirals are prevalent in natural formations and are one of the most efficient ways for something to grow. For the past ten years, she has used her painting process as a method of internal excavating to discover her path.

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