Iowa Sweet Corn

It is sweet corn season here in Iowa.

We’ve made a few trips to the farm to reap the benefits of grandma and grandpa’s sweet corn patch.

We had a bit more interesting journey out to the farm due to the huge road construction project on their road. We had to use the dirt road, go through a “road closed” sign, and bottomed out on some ungraded gravel, but we got there.

They plant it rows right in the field with the tractor and 12-row planter. And, while they did try to make me promise to remind them not to plant it again next year-I have a hard time seeing the tradition die quite yet. There is still nothing quite like eating sweet corn for lunch that was picked from the field that morning.

Capturing the sweet corn goodness to enjoy year around takes a bit of hard work from many hands-the boys were great help this year in picking, husking and even cutting the corn off the cob.

I know it is going to taste really great come February when we grab a bag out of the freezer and can have a bit of that sweet corn taste in the middle of winter.

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