Just Imagine Class

Art is a way of knowing about our journey.

In “Just Imagine” class we are painting our journey-

using color, line, shape to give presence to the paths that we have walked.
We are experimenting with new tools and playing with paint.
We are acknowledging that creative renewal doesn’t happen in a linear way…
it circles around, meanders in and out and ebbs and flows as our life unfolds.
We are taking the time for a good, hard look at what is really affecting our creative path.
We are doing the deep work to prepare us to walk into whatever the future holds.  
We are adding sparkle.

We are painting bigger than we dreamed possible.

We are creating art journal pages that chronicle our creative path.
We are facing what is and looking forward to what is to come.
We are sparking our imagination and doing it all in full color!

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