Nature walk as my sustainable practice

It’s been cold here and when I say cold, I mean cold…as in below zero. And, when it is this cold, I can’t walk in my favorite spots, but I can dream and I can pull out my photographs and I can spend an afternoon focusing on my favorite nature photographs from the timber I walk in whenever it is not this cold! Nature walks are one of my “sustainable practices” as an artist. One of the things that keep me going, keep me fueled up, help me to shake out what is in my head and my heart. They help me to really see and notice what is around me. Some days I just head out for some physical exercise-a chance to stretch and take in the fresh air, but on days that I really need to slow down, I grab my camera. There is something about taking a walk with a camera that really gets me to take it slow and see what is around me. I am reminded again to look at the world through artist eyes, to see the beauty at my feet or above my head, to see the truth that is evident in nature every time I venture out. To remember what it is important and to remember where to focus-on the mystery that is much bigger than me.

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