New Studio Office & LIVE Event

I would like to share with you my new studio office. Because of my quieter schedule over the last year, I used the gift of extra time to focus on my creative spaces.

Studio Office Organization

I’m enjoying having a home for all my art business binders, art journals, art inspiration books, and my art business files. Oftentimes people think “creative types” are very disorganized. I find it enhances my creativity and efficiency with art biz jobs if I have everything at hand and I can quickly find the information I need.

Studio Office Decor

This reclaimed bedroom got a fresh new coat of paint, desk, and shelving. I intentionally decorated it with a bright wall color which draws me to the lightness of the space. Additionally, I’m able to see out of both windows while working at my computer, because the desk is placed in the center of the room. My painting Allowing the Desire hangs behind the desk, and has been enjoyed as a Zoom and FaceTime background for many virtual meetings and coaching calls. 

“Allowing the Desire” 48×48 Melynda Van Zee ©2020

My boys surprised me with a vintage typewriter for my birthday, and it found its home on top of the bookshelves. I LOVE it!

I enjoy working in this new space as I plan and organize for this upcoming year of exhibitions and shows.

LIVE Event

I’d love to have you join me at the Virtual LIVE Omaha Summer Arts Festival the first weekend in June. Anyone from anywhere can view the virtual show, and there will even be designated LIVE hours. During LIVE hours, you can visit virtually with individual artists so you could pop in and chat with me online.  More information about live hours will be published on the show website as it gets closer to the show date.

In-Person Events

You can find information here about my first two in-person art fairs scheduled for June and August. Come enjoy seeing some art in person again.

I hope you are filling your springtime with bird songs and color! 

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