Personalized Vintage Home Decor

Here I the photos I promised from the finished project mentioned in my latest post. What a delight to help a homeowner personalize her home with a vintage pattern excavated from below years of old wallpaper patterns!

The view from the kitchen into the dining room.
Look at that gorgeous original woodwork on the stairway and doorways in this restored Iowa farmhouse.

A close up detail of the motifs and links.

A peek into the process…

Karen Harrill from Co-Line Graphics created the vinyl stencil to the exact dimensions I needed for each individual wall. She also taught me the correct way to apply and remove the stencils. The vinyl stencil was totally the way to go with this project to create the aesthetic unity necessary and meet the unique needs of this project. Notice the “E” and the “N” in the corner of each stencil? That way we knew which pattern belonged on which wall-North, South, East or West.

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