Dear Creative Friends…Share the Work

  • "Life Palette" Wilcox Gallery William Penn University

Dear Creative Friends…I encourage you to share your work. A couple of weeks ago my show “Life Palette” opened and this experience once again reminded me of the joy and magic in sharing the work. To watch people interact with your work, to see your work in new contexts and hung together in new juxtapositions, to answer questions and discuss motivations, to share in community around creativity…it is all good…good for your community, good for you as an artist, good for your growing body of work. It isn’t always easy. Showing your work requires time, dedication, commitment, so much activity behind the scenes, but it is worth it.

Thanks so much to the FACE (Fine Arts & Culture Events) of Mahaska County group! They hosted a beautiful reception for the opening of “Life Palette” at the Foyer Gallery of the Wilcox Library on the William Penn University campus in Oskaloosa, IA. It was a great evening full of art, artists, friends and family. Even a water main break right in front of the gallery, couldn’t stop the fun. By the time the show was to open, everything was fixed and the “road closed” signs had disappeared. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the show, it will be open during regular library hours through the end of March.

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